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October 07, 2005


Jacques Surveyer

I represent a BI company and we have some outstanding ideas on how we can trade Web Services with Microsoft BI Studio and SQL Server 2005 BI Services. We have some great SVG-based in browser ...

What?? - you don't trade Web Services ?

Well we could represent MS OLAP Services on other platforms - sort of a cross platform stand in. And we could lower our prices to match yours so that ....

Ohh ... Microsoft gives away its complete BI Stack for free. My goodness sakes! How can you afford to do that? Is your product that bad that you have to give it away ....

Sorry - whats was that? Join the line up to become a VAR ? The one with the sign -> Developers Developers Developers - no that is crossed out. Its pointing to some small, legal type .... I can barely make it out ... microserfs microserfs microserfs ....

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