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December 14, 2005



Agreed that search is currently all about building an audience and selling advertisements. And the interesting thing about Alexa is that that may be just the thing Amazon is looking to do.

Imagine this scenario: Amazon attracts dozens of developers to build niche search plays (personalized, vertical, whatever) that in aggregate has a non-trivial number of users (while each search app might only have a small user-base, in total it adds up).

What if Amazon then "enhances" it's data feed by inserting advertising -- either for Amazon products or generic distributed advertising, a la AdSense. Amazon has now created an advertising network for a non-trivial number of eyeballs that can promote its own products or others (for a fee).


agree for now unless someone builds a new index that will bring search relevancy to the next level and disrupt current business model

james governor

can i tweak your argument a little. yes its about the network - but not just the advertisers. the question in my mind is about APIs, developer attraction, and lowering barriers to access. the "fabled web service platform"... its not about building an ad network - because the model here is not about ad serving. its about what calls developers will make when they add ambient search.

there are other ways to make search pay than ads. just like there are other ways to make customers pay for software than ads...

what if you dont get ads but amazon points? yet another business model.

i would be wary of thinking google is the only model for a search business.

Jeremy Dunck

I think it's amusing that the only thing people apparently think access to a web index is good for is search.

100 TB of data. For whatever. There are -lots- of business models here.

Tom Foremski

Search is easy it is servers plus software/algorithms.

Content is not easy it takes people.

The links have to point to somewhere of value otherwise they are pointless.

The business opp is in content not ad servers.


it’s a good move by alexa….. but the thing to be concerned about is that when you’re opening up an index of this size, it would invite all sorts of spammy SEO-type folks. thats bad. on the positive side, if this gains traction it would mean fewer bots eating up your bandwidth… everyone would go to alexa for scraping data ….. THAT is an exciting prospect. One search platform (ALEXA) + unique ranking algorithm + google adsense for monetizing the search app. cool!

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