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January 04, 2006


Richard Cunningham

I think that blogs are in the mainstream of the tech community, but are only emerging to the mass audience of all internet users. The RSS features in Windows Vista could change that, however. I just hope that Microsoft doesn't brand it with some patronizing name or cartoon character!

David Hambric

Another fine post in step with your blog's title. I particularly liked the way you sum it up: user generated content. Perhaps my comment smacks of newbieism, if not, then you've probably misread it! I am, in fact, into the second full week of my first blog. When I came across those words summing up the 'Next Big Thing' for 2006, they really struck a chord.

David Cruickshank

I agree & great post. Mobile search is going to be huge - but there is still the complexity of hardware to deal with - i.e. manufacturers working out the optimum size / role of the mobile device. This evolution is fascinating and predictions on its next phase are extremely diverse.

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