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February 03, 2006



Thanks for this interview Don. Somehow I haven't spent enough time at memorandum, but now I know a bit more about it - and how it works - I'll be there.

Thanks for the blog generally.


Hi Don, you may want to look at Megite at http://www.megite.com too. Megite is the newspaper for anyone interested in what's happening right now by intelligently uncovering the most relevant items from thousands of news sites and weblogs.

Ian Lamont

Hello Don. Computerworld.com also offers a daily blog-monitoring service that combs IT-related blog posts for the best and most relevant entries. Unlike memeorandum, the posts are vetted by humans. It's called IT Blogwatch and is available at http://www.computerworld.com/blogs/?q=blogwatch

Kevin Burton

Well... it showed up just fine on TailRank :)



You might also want to check out http://www.newsbump.net . Nothing groundbreaking in terms of technology or innovation, just excellent content so far. Second only to memo methinks.


I'm not convinced with what Gabe says - whenever anyone asks the important question - "What determines selection/positioning on tech.me-me-orandum?' the answer is almost always evasive.

My sense in looking at the CODE is that Gabe selects what gets there and what doesn't. If I'm correct then this is a human algorithm - ie - Gabe selects what HE wants to see as the stories worthy of promotion.

Smart marketing but otherwise valueless to the wider community of people who look to blogs as a source of authority.

Don Dodge

Memeorandum must be evasive about how the algorithm works for two reasons; competition, and spammers.

If Gabe were to explain exactly how the ranking algorithm works his many competitors would copy it. There are already lots of competitiors in this space using various techniques.

Secondly, spammers, and even honest bloggers looking for higher recognition, would "optimize" their posts to "game" the Memeorandum algorithm.

Gabe does NOT do this personally or manually every 5 minutes. There is a very sophisticated algorithm that finds new content, aggregates similar content, then ages the content to slide down the page as it gets older and new stories overtake it.

I can tell you the algorithm takes into account the number of "links in" to your post, the number of "links out" from your post, and the "authority" or importance of both. Google's PageRank works in a similar way. In addition to the ranking algorithm there is another layer of algorithm that decides position on the front page based on "popularity" of the story and age of teh story.

If this were easy everyone would be doing it, including the big guys at Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.

Dennis Howlett

Do they? Not convinced - as I've said elsewhere - I don't care HOW it works, all I want to know is the basis of selection. Content, topic or author - it really is that simple. The reason? Huge gobs of 'stuff' related to tech never get touched.

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