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February 04, 2006


Michal Migurski

I'm beginning to believe that features, UI and model are probably the least important considerations for these sites. I've started thinking of them like nightclubs - you don't choose the spot with the nicest toilets, you go where your friends go. Digg's user community has a very particular social feel to it, different from Slashdot or Metafilter. This vibe is what attracts (or repels) my involvement.


"The barrier to entry for new players is very low", I don't think this is true if want to create a high quality one.

Mark Wilson

Tracking memes is definitely an interesting space. Thanks for this post, I blogged about it and linked to you. http://reblogger.wordpress.com/2006/02/08/tracking-memes-and-our-world-views/


We have recently started exploring this space and are excited by the significance that an influx of VC has for the development of the semantic web. Meme momentum is hot.

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