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April 14, 2006



Hi Don, please see our approach to refine search results. Here is an example of searching for "Jaguar": http://www.quintura.com/quinturasearch/demo/


It might interesting to note that the BW story mentioned Microsoft is rumored to be in discussions to partner with (or even acquire) Eurekster as part of this initiative. Since Eurekster is focused on advanced “community-based” search algorithms, it looks like Microsoft will at least have the capability to move past the “Q&A” segment of the project and potentially into a deeper implementation of “social search”.

While I agree that most search users are impatient, it could be argued that many users involved in social communities are not. A large percentage of these “Y” generation users spend substantial amounts of time working with their virtual spaces on sites like MySpace and Facebook, and are accustomed to spending the time it takes organizing online information to suit their preferences. Important questions related to this topic include how to extend these types of users and established social communities into traditional or pure search. If this can be done as an organic part of a member of a social communities online experience, could these large social communities (MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, etc. include communities that could number as high as 100 million users) influence the direction of Search technologies moving forward?

On May 5th, we’re (start-up PreFound.com) hosting a Roundtable discussion that covers this topic. Called ““Extending On-line Social Communities into Pure Search”, a discussion of harnessing the power of the tens of millions of members of online social communities into developing Search related content that is provided, organized and presented by the members of the community. Is it inevitable that these huge networks of online communities evolve into controlling search on significant levels?” We’d be happy to hear your thoughts on this topic, so please let me know if you’d like to sit in via phone conference and/or would like to see an attendee list. Thanks.

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