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May 01, 2006


Dharmesh  Shah

In my series on "pioking a platform" on the OnStartups.com blog, I look at this issue.

Basically, for startup entrepreneurs, what is as important as picking "the right tool for the job", is making sure that the investment is likely to reap rewards in the future.

My big issue with some of the new platforms that are "fashionable" right now (like RubyOnRails) is that it is unclear what type of ecosystem will be built around them in 5+ years.

One thing MS does well as understand the strategy of platforms and what it takes to build a sustainable one.


yeah yeah. the ultimate question: what does he know that Google,Yahoo don't knows?

Mark Wilson

Keep banging that drum, especially to get SQL 2005 and .NET 2.0 installed so that we can get more customers! We've built on the MS stack and it's a very rapid environment, we just need to see the customers platform catch up with what we can do with the MS stuff. I hope I explained that well. For example we need customers to move to .NET 2.0 and not stay on 1.1 so that we can implement Atlas features in our reBlogger software. So keep banging that drum Don! :)

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