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August 29, 2006



Nice point Don and much more practical than the other blogger' raves on this meme..

But a Google friendly OS could feed customer demand.

Both Apple and Google could benefit from making their products work better together :
.Mac/iWork GDrive/GApps
or even
iLife/iTunes GDrive/GMedia ?

Spotlight GSearch

there's probably more examples.

And google have been kinda active recently on getting their apps ported/fixed for OSX

The friendly approach (Board level) might be the preferred way to work together.

There is certainly demand for these kind of improvements in both camps. These could benfit and drive the consumer demand.



What about FairPlay being licensed to Google?


Very good Post, I agree totally all point, Success is driven by Customers, not by subjective stories

Massimo Moruzzi

>Could Google and Mozilla cooperate on a product to compete with Internet Explorer?

yeah, like there were a need to cooperate. Like Firefox weren't already a thousand times better than... IE. ROTFL :)))

John Furrier

It's more than a Barney deal. Even though Eric won't have access to all the product knowledge, he *will* have visability to all the board business of Apple.


You mean Firefox isn't a "Google Browser" already?

- Mozilla Corp's profits almost entirely come from Google.
- Google's search box is the default.
- Google heavily pimps the browser with the Google toolbar.
- I'll lay odds that a good chunk of the code contributions come from Google employees.

As far as Google/Apple goes, the logical synergy isn't with iTunes but with Office Apps. Apple stands to benefit greatly from a platform-agnostic office suite. Google stands to benefit from having a pretty OS to display those web apps. Since the two companies have a similar demographic for users, the users would be quite happy with better compatibility and integration than is currently available.

But as you say, it's easy to imagine a lot, it's not realistic to imagine anything though unless something is announced.

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