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August 28, 2006



Google Spreadsheet, huh?


Also, in the Office suites, you forgot OpenOffice. I am pretty sure Microsoft lobbying groups have heard about it, it's too bad you haven't.

Your post is a perfect example of how to turn a bad research into a fat PR.



Wish you would like to find a new ZOHO entrant into project mgmt space... check out www.zohoprojects.com

Don Dodge

Red Herring put the list together, not me. I was curious why OpenOffice wasn't mentioned. They rarely get any press/blog coverage, probably due to lack of market share and user interest.

Google Spreadsheet was another obvious miss. Red Herring certainly knows about it. Again,aybe because it is in beta, or for lack of users. I don't know.

I do need to learn more about the various ZOHO projects. Can someone give me a quick overview of the concept, products, business model?

Lloyd D Budd

"gold standard": more appropriately the "good-enough standard" full of feature blot and awkward user experience, though I have not used a newer version than Office 2000.

There is a opportunity for Microsoft to improve or for challengers to take its place, particularly in a heterogeneous desktop OS environment.

Sierra Spencer

Absolutely, OpenOffice 2.0, got to include it in the article. It's free!!! and open source. I'm glad to have found a couple previous commentors to have mentioned this already, but what is right must be said once again. Zoho is also right on -Great Web 2.0 capability, with online editing as a feature.

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