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August 07, 2006


Anshu Sharma

Good post. Often times, people argue over the future of open source or SaaS without realizing that they may be discussing different aspects- business models, delivery etc. It would be good if everyone had their fundamentals clear.

Dennis Howlett

Hi Don - did you pick up on the full Sandhill piece? As an aside, us Irregulars are actively looking for Microsoft enterprise business apps bloggers who might want to throw their hat into the ring. Anyone you know might be up for this?

Niel Robertson


Thank you for breaking down the semantic open source soup one step further than I did in my SandHill rebuttal. It's very useful and I would totally agree that one has to be careful about stating if you're talking development, delivery, licensing, or models when using the word open source.

Don Dodge

Thanks for all your comments. I agree that semantics and definitions are important in this debate. The software business is much more complicated today with mashups of various models.

I did see the SandHill Group headline and didn't bother to read the story. It was pretty obvious from the headline where the story was going. It is easy to write a catchy headline and pull examples of the latest buzz and extrapolate that the world as we know it will end. Cool ideas take a long time to build up to a trend, and trends take an even longer time to shift the balance of power and flow of money.

Enterprise software is alive and well...and very profitable...even if it isn't sexy and in the headlines.

Yes, licensing and pricing models are changing. Open Source is gaining some traction. But the enterprise software companies are responding with new models of their own and variations of the new models.

BTW, what are the "Irregualrs" and where did the name come from?

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