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November 08, 2006



Firstly, i tried to use like.com and i found it very confusing to use and moreover it did not find relevant items .. so for scripts it might be working fine but not when it goes off the script.

Secondly, like.com will have a hard time changing shopper's habit by making them go for shopping through their website following their process. I presume they will license this technology to retailers for them to put it on their own website and have a small "similar items" button with each item.

but again maybe i am wrong ..


Ich habe dieser BLOG gelesen und ich finde ihn interessant.

Bitte besuchen Sie uns auch-

Paul Pruitt

Check http://www.imgseek.net/ for an opensource desktop application with content based image search and its server side version: http://server.imgseek.net/ (may be interesting for those that want to integrate visual search into their website or application)

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