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December 20, 2006


Rich Skrenta

comScore says they measure searches performed, but WebSideStory actually claims to measure searches referred. If that's the case, their numbers should match Hitwise's -- as well as everyone's server logs on the net. See http://www.websidestory.com/company/news-events/press-releases/2004-03-30.html

Don Dodge

Rich, that link to WebSideStory is from March 2004...almost 3 years ago. Google has gained significant market share since then.

Here is a link to a more recent WebSideStory press release that says Google accounts for 75% of referrals in the UK, more in line with what we are seeing. http://www.websidestory.com/company/news-events/press-releases/2006-03-24.html

I checked their site and couldn't find any more recent press release.

I do agree however that there are big differences in market share estimates from HitWise, ComScore and WebSideStory.


Gord Schmidt

Perhaps Google has a greater number of referrals because more people return to their search results and click on additional found links. This might be good (people want more information from other sources) or bad (the first selected result was not what was desired). There's no way of knowing with the numbers we have.


Some people, esp. scientists and marketers watching competition also use META search engines and there, for reasons best known to the META guys, some of the larger engines don't figure PLUS it is sometimes easier to go directly to the link for a smaller engine, thus driving search traffic into smaller niches and distorting figures.

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