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December 18, 2006



www.thinkingrid.com, of course ;)

We are the only ones which have the infrastructure for sharing resources between mobile devices in a grid environment.

Peter Cranstone

How about 5o9 Inc. Not quite as sexy as Endoxon, however we do some interesting things. We allow developers to leverage our data communications platform on Windows Mobile. They can now access the mobile phones GPS and other OS API's and then transmit that information in real time up to their servers. (This is an off deck solution) The customer retains intimate control over their privacy, able to selectively control each and every field of data that is transmitted. In addition their content is encrypted on the mobile device and also in transit to the web server.

Local search e.g that's tied to real time location information is the next big thing. However (IMHO) doing so without allowing the mobile customer to actually control their location will result in unwanted interruptions.



Dan Carpenter

Cleverset, out of Seattle may be one to watch. They are working on product relation software similar to what is used on Amazon to show "You might also like..."

With everyone shopping online nowadays, I see this niche growing quite fast.

Thomas Doubting

Earthcomber. It already does what Endoxon wishes it could do. And it has a patent on the search technology you referenced in your article.

Earthcomber is doing it right now. Today.


Skyhook Wireless - http://www.skyhookwireless.com

Wi-Fi Positioning System that enables hyper local search / advertising in areas where GPS won't / doesn't work very well like indoors and in urban canyons

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