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January 19, 2007


Louis Gray

Google is certainly planning ahead for the next stage of the Web. As we saw a migration from dialup to broadband, and ever faster Internet connections are becoming commonplace, consumers have higher expectations for their information and entertainment.

While we once blanched at downloading a 4 MB Netscape 1.0 browser release, we now don't bat an eye at hitting up BitTorrent for 1.3 Gigs worth of unreleased 24 episodes. The game is changing, and those companies who are fighting today's battles with yesterday's technology are going to disappear into the vault of antiquity and irrelevance.


I think a part of it is certainly going to be the net neutrality debate. I can imagine almost every ISP in the world thinking they'll be able to tag on their own traffic charge to google's network costs, so anything which will either give them leverage over the ISPs or if neccessary bypass the ISPs will help Google greatly.

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