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February 17, 2007



My blog has from what I can tell much lower page view multiples than yours - 1.2 to 1.4 per visit, according to the stats programs I use.

Then again, these seem to undercount by a huge margin so... back to square one, which is: "how do we get reasonably accurate metrics for websites?"

Sam Sethi

I was wondering if your CI was calculated correctly? Looking at Stowe's site he has calculated it as:

The ratio between posts and comments+trackbacks (posts/comments+trackbacks) which was less than one. Here's the current picture for /Message, a CI of 80/102 = 0.784.

I think if you have calculated it as comments/posts?

Don Dodge

Sam, Yes, I calculate the Conversational Index differently. Stowe agreed that my way was better because a higher number indicates more discussion. We both use the same elements, we just switched the numerator and denominator.

Links in are another factor that indicate your blog is popular, but links in are not really participation in the discussion so they are ignored.

John Powers

Don, even I am in the "top 99.99% of all blogs." I think you meant "top 0.01% of all blogs."

But in any case -- another good post, and always worth the read. Keep up the great work!

Sam Sethi

Don I agree that the way you calculate is much better as it is hard to tell what .0316 means.

Thanks for the clarity will adapt mine.

Eric Chan


Thanks for the advice with this post; I reworked my rss feed and getting towards more accurate stats for my blog.



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