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February 06, 2007


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Stephane Rodriguez

"The rumor is that Apple is facing anti-trust action from several European countries concerned about the iTunes to iPod lock-in."

Not France I am afraid. A Microsoft lobbyist known as "Michel Thiolliere" (he's not a Microsoft employee) made amendements to the French DADVSI law (a draconian transposition of the EUCD directive) to avoid that Apple be required to do so.

That flies back right in your face Mr Dodge.


Buzz’ La lettre qui a déjà fait le tour d’internet


Steve Jobs, le très célèbre meneur d’Apple, défraye la chrnoique Web. Et ce n’est pas pour le lancement d’un nouveau produit multimédia d’Apple. Une lettre ouverte de Steve Jobs fait le point sur les DRM et prend posistion en faveur de leur abandon généralisé.



And what's your take or opinion on this issue? Thanks for the summary and everything, but stating "Me too" like an AOLer seems to be beneath your usual standards. Busy week, perhaps?

Perhaps I've gotten spoiled expecting your posts to provide your opinions and additional information on the issue at hand, but that's one of the main reasons why I read your posts before most of the other major blogs.

Thanks for listening and for your excellent service.

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