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February 27, 2007



Great list. Thanks Don.

Ethan Stock

I can't believe you left out local and shopping. Those are the two most interesting categories of search on the web today.

Adam Jusko

You forgot the search engines that use less not more technology, namely the human edited search engines like Bessed (http://www.bessed.com).

The reason so many of these search engines have never been heard of is that they're not noticably different or better than the big three you mention, and they're trying to make their name based solely on technology.

But people still want recommendations, and that where a human-powered search site like Bessed can find an audience.


Ethan, I agree that local search will be big. I simply ran out of time and energy to make that category and find all the search engines that do it. I will try to update it later.


Does anyone know about the web site Monitor.hr? This post is listed on the front page of the site and I am getting thousands of visits from Monitor.hr.

It is a very large European (I think) news site. Anyone know more?


I think you vastly underestimate Dogpile and the position of meta search engines in the market. According to Hitwise, Dogpile is ranked 10th in overall search with .57% market share, just behind Microsoft Live in 9th place with 1.06% market share. The guys at Dogpile are laughing all the way to the bank: No development costs to speak of, they piggyback off all of the hard R&D work the big search engines do, and they have no stock holders to answer to. Microsoft should be so lucky!


Steve Morsa

Jeez, I had no idea there were so many search engines out there...just as amazing is that so many are willing to spend (waste) so much to fight over mere "search crumbs"...

...and actually, the secret to becoming one of the "big boys" of search involves just two relatively simple steps...

#1: Offer a search capability and user experience at least comparable to what the leaders are providing (which a fair number of Charles' and Don's listed companies are already doing)...

#2: Convince many 1,000's of print, radio, TV, and 'net news reporters and media sources to fall in love with and write glowing reviews about your search engine (you know, like Google received).

And there you are--instant leader!


Monitor.hr is a Croatian news portal. ;) He links different things that might be of interest for the news readers.


it amazes me how little I need _any_ of these sites. I've tried to like them, but I just don't have the need.

Someone must, right? some of these guys have decent traffic.

I occasionally get a click to my site from Dogpile and a couple of the blog searchers.

I consume internet video, but what's the use case? googling "mentos diet coke" or "24 tv" works just fine.

My search problem comes purely when I can't articulate my thoughts well enough to know what I'm searching for. That's when I ask my wife. She tells me what my thoughts are ;-) and I go back to google.

Maybe this is mismatch comes because they (those with which I'm remotely familiar) seem to have started bottom up with the technology (Riya/Like, Powerset, Oodle) and try to invent the application.

The blog, code, and health searchers seem to have started from the top down. Blog search turns out to be easy for Google. I'm not in either of the other two niches.

Scott Eblen

Hi Don -

I pulled together some data on where all this search innovation was happening and thought you might be interested. There's a surprising amount of activity in places you wouldn't expect.


Arnaud Fischer

Don, awesome finding you surfacing ... of maybe I am after all these years. That's a great list; love the mashup. It feels like 1998 all over again :-), kind of Altavista-like 72 hours before the IPO gets canceled!

Seriously, which ones are from NY?

Search is the Internet OS!


Let me suggest one more great metasearch!!

Xooda - The Smart Metasearch

It covers upto 16 major search engines and provide the most localized results.
It is helpful to users from different country to find the most relevent things.

You must love it!
Have a try!

Rich Skrenta

Great list Don, thanks for posting.

Just a couple of notes... Surfwax appears to be metasearch, not tech. Swoogle goes to some kind of lingerie site, not a search engine as far as I can tell. :-)


Echoing Rich Skrenta's note: Swoogle.com leads to "Sexy WOmen's Online Gallery of Lingerie, Etc."

Perhaps you want the Swoogle associated with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County?

Don Dodge

Thanks to Rich and Richard for finding the Swoogle bug. I have fixed the link to go to the correct Swoogle site.


Great list, 10x Don!

Endre Jofoldi


Our search engine polymeta.com is not just a meta search, we are doing clustering so it falls into to cluster searh category. Thanks!

Cindy Nguyen

There is a new search engine coming on line based on the String Logic search tool. Considering the effeteness of String Logic it will be the most powerful engine to-date. Google seems to be deteriorating daily and Im (strange as it may seem) using Yahoo more and more. There are only 3 real engines out there that have the proper operators that allow direct searching, AltaVista, Yahoo and a distant 3rd google. Google was in first place for years but has dropped off considerably in the last 2 years. Picking an engine based on its ability to field location or concept is silly as this article seem to imply.

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