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March 14, 2007


Greg Linden

TellMe's voice recognition interface is very cool. Great to see Microsoft pushing in this direction.

I am convinced that the long-term success of mobile computing will require overcoming the issue of the tiny screens on these devices.

While there are a few promising paths to manage with the small screens -- including Patrick Baudisch's clever UI work at Microsoft Research, personalization (like Medio Systems') to display only the most relevant data in the limited space available, or the iPhone's use of the entire surface of the device as a screen -- I am concerned that these approaches may rapidly hit their limits.

Rather, I suspect we will have to replace the tiny screen with something else. One good option is the voice recognition interface that TellMe has developed, which represents an attempt to make the displays unnecessary. Another is the cool Virtual Retinal Display being developed at the HIT Lab at University of Washington that replaces a tiny display with a massive one covering the full field of view.


Love to see what Microsoft does to TellMe's LINUX backend. And, I wonder if HadiP made any money on this...


Good move on MSFT's part. The only problem, though, is I see this as a move on the iPhone. If MSFT makes a phone, are they going to alienate the companies they're providing software for? These companies will def. care if MSFT enters as a hardware player. I think MSFT should build a kick-butt voice platform, not spend unnecessary time and cash on their own phone.

Dimitar Vesselinov

Linguistic User Interface or LUI

"Perhaps the most underappreciated accelerating transition we are participating in today is the emergence of the Linguistic User Interface or LUI. The LUI is the natural language front end to an increasingly intelligent and profoundly humanizing and malleable Internet. LUIs exist today in primitive form in interfaces like Google, but will be increasingly powerful in coming years. So what will Windows 2015 look like? For one thing, it seems clear now that it will have some very sophisticated software simulations of human beings as part of the interface."

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Mobile Local Search

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