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March 06, 2007


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You are my new hero! Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing: Microsoft lawyer rips Google on copyrights - Why? Oh boy, here we go. Microsoft attacks Google on copyright regarding their book scanning project, and then takes a swipe... [Read More]


Joseph Hunkins

Don! You're FIRED!?

Props to you for speaking your mind, though it seems to me MS has taken a more respectful approach to copyright than other tech giants. That said, I'd like to see the whole IP framework seriously reexamined in light of all the new web sensibilities. Seems to me the guiding concept should be this: Benefits rather than control should be the main focus and these benefits should flow to the creators of the content more than the distributors. Google's Adsense model is somewhat close to this where YouTube's *den of copyright infringements* is not.


How dare you throw common sense, much less law, at the lawyers! Don't you know they're allergic???

Seriously: accurate, cogent remarks. Nicely done.


That's funny. I just went to search.live.com and searched for [don dodge]. Looks like Microsoft is storing cached versions of your blog on their servers, and displaying snippets in the search results.

Did they get your permission before copying your content to their servers? How exactly is this different from Google storing the contents of books on their servers and displaying snippets as search results?

Kettle, meet pot.

ashkan karbasfrooshan

Don, when MSFT asks you to clear your desk, you have a job offer at Mojo Supreme ;)

Jokes aside, regardless of the arguments, very nice to see you speaking your mind.




"Making inflammatory comments about a competitor is never a good idea."

Exactly. But then, when Ballmer and Gates do it routinely, it's hard for others to know where the company stands on said. Maybe they should take your advice and lead by example? Then others will take their cue from that.

Àlex Linhares

Hey, buddy, you've just improved Microsoft's image around here. Some more of you could surely save the day around there. Good luck.

Chris Baskind

Bully for you. So one *can* work for a corporate behemoth and not lose one's wit or soul, eh?

Kyle Redinger

I think Microsoft's attack represents something more interesting. They need better relationships with content producers. I talk about this on my blog here: http://themediaage.com/?p=8.

Arlon Chaffee

Don - great response to a blatantly self-serving move. There was an interestiong article in a recent New Yorker about the Google project.....mentioned AAP suing Google but, on the other hand, acknowledging the halo effect of getting the content out there, driving sales of hard copy. This one will be interesting to see through. My money's on Google. A


Microsoft and good PR don't seem to go together, and the above is yet another example of that.

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