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March 28, 2007


Ben Saren

I have nothing intelligent to add here. All I have to say is this: When my issue of Wired arrived the other day I was as pleased as usual, but slightly more than usual. So that IS Pam from The Office! I wasn't sure, but you confirmed it. Thank you Don.

Lloyd Budd

A humorous side note? A telling incident, as Chris Anderson writes, "At nearly 6,000 words, it's an amazing document and a telling counterpoint to the laissez-faire spirit of the open blogging initiative. Because it so aptly illustrates the parallel open vs. closed cultures that now exist at Microsoft, as in any big company trying to evolve a command-and-control messaging process to an out-of-control age"

On the other hand, my limited experience with journalists is they can be aggressive and looking to create a story.

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