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March 21, 2007


Steve Morsa

...and why am I not at all surprised by the cacophony of breathless news reports and blog entries detailing this wonderful, "brand new" and oh-so-exciting (yet future patent-infringing) PPA advertising program/platform...that's been readily available from others (oops!) for no fewer than two full years...

Ahh...the unbridled joy and myriad benefits of being a media darling in the Internet age...

Marcela Shine

Steve is right - none of this is new. But because the giants are talking about it, people listen. I'd like to know how they plan to manage fraud in all this, particularly in the auction-based cost-per-action business model. We have been pointing out this issue in our own blog for weeks now. Would like people's thoughts on this.

Ad Com

Hmm, I don't believe in this pay per action thing. REASON: Some companies could use it for institutional advertising:
For example, Coca Cola drives on it's website masses of visitors and action is to buy CocaCola online, very few people will do it, but many will get advertisement from Coca Cola. Will see how will Google implement it.

Daniel Mcgonagle

Thanks for that wonderful comparison and review of PPA, CPC and Banner ADs. People are getting so much of the PPC hype these days. This post made a crystal clear explanation as to what works best.


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Easy SEO Blog

There are so many different software packages out there really. I use SpyFu for free results, someone who generates a great percentage of their revenue off of pay per click might consider something like PPC Web Spy. I have an article on my blog about analyzing your competition that covers this topic a little more thoroughly.

internet affiliate program

However, being in this kind of a business requires more than just sales skills. You should have industry knowledge and the acumen to differentiate between the genuine and fake. Your success or failure will depend on choosing the right internet affiliate program and affiliate promotion strategies.

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