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March 10, 2007




I think point one is where VCs and other investors miss the boat when it comes to backing first-time entrepreneurs. Except for industries which require a lot of product and domain knowledge like healthcare, chips and telecom, most of the premier software and internet successes were led by founders who weren't reknowned experts in their field when they started. Brave VCs backed these "kids" because they could see past their inexperience and unknown management skills to the quality of their idea and the breakthrough they offered. Moreover, just because you have a great team doesn't mean you'll be any more of a success if you deliver a lousy product. Webvan was backed by the top investors and lead by the founder of Borders and look where that led to - a $1+ billion failure.

Chris Westfall

Great snow, great opportunities... http://www.vcintherockies.com/

Brad Feld

Don - I passed this around my gang - they reminded me that we already do this in Colorado - it's called "Venture Capital in the Rockies" - http://www.vcintherockies.com/. Your colleague Dave Drach came this year. Maybe you'll come also next year!

Ted Rheingold

I grew up skiing at Mt. Sunapee! Wish I could have been there for the biz/fun.

Alfred Thompson

Any snowboarders in the crowd? You want some of those young minded radical thinking snowboarders. (Full disclosure: I took up snowboarding a few years ago. :-)

Seems like this sort of event would work out better than a golf outing. More people get to talk to more people and no one is stuck with someone for hours at a time.

Steve Lacey

Rather than trying to bump into each other on the mountain, why not take the time to offer direct advice in the no harm/no foul model ala Rick Segal and Brad Feld.

It strikes me that all these "gather all the entrepreneurs together" events are more advantageous to the VCs than the entrepreneurs, to whom it's another "must attend" event without any guarantee of face time.

Abraham Sultan

Don are you planning to be at SaaSCon in April? (Sorry for the crappy comment)

Mike Styles

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