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March 29, 2007


Steve Morsa

Don, I was going to say that; when I first heard about MS's interest in DC; that it seemed to make sense.

You've changed my mind.

If you feel "comfortable" saying, what do you feel DC IS worth?

...and dMarc and SueTube were terrible purchases. The difference here is that at least w/dMarc only their eventual earn-out purchase price is at risk...with SueTube, they could lose billions more...


Don, you might want to take another look at your numbers. It seems like someone else did some digging into DoubleClick's old SEC filings and your revenue estimates are off. DoubleClick reported 126 million in adserving revenues in 2004 while you state 100 million right now?


Spencer Ferguson

I must say, I was 'gung ho' about Microsoft buying DoubleClick... until I read your post. What a ridiculous asking price!


heller ehrman bsd's 1, google dealmakers 0


So... $3.1 billion then.


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