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April 02, 2007



I'm curious--how much shareholder wealth you think EMI squandered spending 7 years getting to this point?

Danial Jameel

As i posted on OM Mailk's blog that
I believe this is a positive step and one long overdue on the music industries part. Even if they secure digital downloads, music labels simply cannot prevent piracy or copying through CDs, radio stream rips and other mediums. P2P and torrents will always stay a step ahead.

They opened pandoras box when they rejected Napster’s partnership offer (paving a way for underground p2ps such as Kazaa, limewire, emule etc) and DRM is clearly not an effective tool in preventing piracy.

P.S Don, There seems to be no medicine for narrow minds and stubborness, If only you guys at Napster managed to convince the Big players back then...

Danial Jameel

your wiki guide

well.. if i have to get my own music withour DRM then $1.29 would be fine. this is awesome!

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