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April 19, 2007


Abraham Sultan


I agree with you, but its also important to note that its not all philanthropy, as Orlando Ayala from Microsoft says on his interview with RedHerring “This is not a philanthropic effort, this is a business,”.

Good read at http://www.redherring.com/Article.aspx?a=22046 and at http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/zdnet/BTL/~3/110309100/

Either way this does not discredit the great effort by Microsoft


Steve Morsa

Though it's not saving lives directly like Bill's humanitarian efforts are doing, it is nonetheless a very nice initiative for a company to undertake.

Let the doubters doubt and the complainers complain...while many millions around the world are enjoying and appreciating the unexpected chance and opportunity to join the rest of us...who take our computer and software access and use for granted.

Shouldn't matter who's name is on the label.

A big company doing something good and noble...now there's something worth reporting on.

May others who can follow.



$3?!? Does that mean that all ofr us in the developed world are being overcharged? Or are we subsidizing the rest of the world?


Brian Despain

Well it certainly an effort to spread Microsoft's products in a market that has often turned to the free software movement (because of it's ability to run on older legacy hardware and it's zero cost.) Furthermore it's definitely gonna sock it to those pirates in developing nations who sell MS product for a few dollars.


This is fantastic news. "Computer literacy" is the new "literacy" and I support any movement towards more people being able to navigate a computer.

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