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May 08, 2007


Abraham Sultan

Don well said,

This nonsense has to stop at some point.



People said this about Fox's myspace acquisition as well. However, by all accounts, that acquisition has already turned out incredibly profitable.


Great Post Don , you are right that a limited user base can't be monetized further beyond a certain limit and all this web2.0 companies are almost on the verge of reaching that limit


Nice post Don.

IMO, Photobucket is lucky for being acquired and 250M + 50M really is a nice deal for a site like Photobucket.

YouTube deal is completely different. Video is much more interesting and striking than pictures. Plus you can look at a picture less than 3 secs however videos are usually much more longer. It is much more convenient to add video ads to video content.

Alfred Chew

This is the legitimate way to 'rob' the investors!

Alfred Chew

This is the legitimate way to 'rob' the investors like you and me!


Very very well said

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