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May 18, 2007


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Popfly with Silverlight - now anyone can create mashups:

» Facebook and Microsoft's Popfly - Watch the innovation happen from Community
Microsoft has announced a formal partnership with Facebook . The partnership will enable integration [Read More]


Elad Kehat

First let me say that I enjoy your blog very much. Also, let me add that the TechCrunch review of popfly is good and informative.
In contrast to that, a ZDnet writer who says that he didn’t get a beta invite to Popfly, but decided that nevertheless some screencasts blog reports are enough to write a rave review himself, tells me that he isn't exactly the guy who respects his job as a writer enough for me to consider his review worthwhile.
Quoting this guy on your blog doesn't add much IMHO.
How about sending the guy an invite so he can do a serious writeup?

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