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May 22, 2007


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» Lijit and Me.dium gain VC funding - Colorado is an emerging startup center from Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing
Lijit, the search widget for blogs, and Me.dium, a friend activity tracker, both closed rounds of funding [Read More]


Ricardo Conte

Don, in the top right of your blog page, below popular searches, the lijit items are "Popular Searches: youtube porno aqnt youtube porn innovate porn bebo mybloglog your porn tube ballmer dog porno business models clayton christens... craigslist porno youtube test napster are newspapers dying porn material your porno tube eCoast Angels - ... local search free services lay... google porno tube experi... " I guess something is wrong.

Curt Sampson

I get the feeling I must be missing something in your post here, because the business model seems to be very simple: build something cool and hope you can sell it to someone for a lot of money, a la Paul Graham. It's a very binary strategy: you're most likely to make nothing, and probably next most likely to make pretty good return, but the risks aren't huge, since there's not a lot of investment required.



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