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June 24, 2007


Charles Knight

Just a note that the Top 100 Alternative Search Engines list mentioned above has moved to its own blog, www.AltSearchEngines.com. The next updated list will appear there on Monday, July 2nd.


Hi, Don:

In a recent post, I took a look at the web traffic numbers (as represented in Alexa, Quantcast and Compete) for the search engines mentioned - Hakia, Powerset, Mahalo et al; unfortunately, they are not even close to the 1% point wrt Google at this point in time.

You can see the detailed data and chart in my post; I don't think Google has a lot to worry about from these engines in the very near future. I imagine that Yahoo! and Ask are likely to be more formidable competitors in the near-term.

[ http://blog.softwareabstractions.com/the_software_abstractions/2007/06/looking-for-ric.html

If this link doesn't work, here's the same link in two separate parts:

Let's hope things change, if only to provide users with *more choice*.


My partner and I at YourCity.MD have taken a different approach to using a search engine to help online users get to the information they want. We have amassed 300 city names with the intuitive .md domain extension and find that those seeking health information find it easy and relavant to seek information and providers in their own community. We believe that this will produce an easier and more satisfying experience than using any of the search engines.

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