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June 22, 2007


Lloyd Budd

It is absurd not to think that the only "apples to apples" (pun intended) comparison is Windows Vista to previous versions of Windows because of the proprietary nature of the Windows code. And in that context the security results for Vista are fantastic!

Like three months, six months is not a meaningful quantity of time to consider the results anything, but hopeful.

If it was, I could argue that at three months, the lack of fixes was a horrible indicator.

(It is a shame that the numbers are not included in the reports as an appendix in spreadsheet form.)

At six months, I could argue that the vulnerabilities being reported is accelerated whereas for the Linux distributions researched it is decelerated.

Jeff Jones can claim that "Windows get a higher level of researcher scrutiny than other OSes", but there is an important context to this that he and you forgot to include. Proprietary software is much, much harder to scrutinize.

This difficulty means it takes longer for the"good guys" to scrutinize it and when the "bad guys" find something they have no interest in reporting the vulnerabilities back to Microsoft.

The expected trend at this time in the products life cycle is for the vulnerabilities in Windows to accelerate for this reason as the information slowly gets back to Microsoft. The opposite trend is often seen in open source software.

The other expected trend is for more severe vulnerabilities to be discovered later in the Windows product life cycle.

As you know, customers are less likely to install later service packs, so the delayed reporting and correcting has extreme consequences.

The fact is the result of proprietary code is more vulnerable computers, and more of your invaluable data at risk.

Steve Severance

Everyone in open source who wants to make the many eyes claim should remember the vulnerability in the MIT Kerbose code.


linux photoshop

Vista is better than Linux because of the bugs fixed in the earlier windows operating systems that make it better than before, Linux on the other hand is stable rather than windows XP and lower versions.

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