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July 14, 2007


Knox Massey

Thanks, Don. Nice to have a forward thinker who understands the current financing ecosystem.

Lauren Flanagan

Good post, Don. Entrepreneurs need to seek smart money, whether from angel or VC sources. Smart money investors truly add value: domain expertise, key contacts and company building experience. The best investors understand there has to be enough pie for all if it's going to ever be worth eating.


Spot-on comments. The next obvious question comes up: how can entrepreneurs find the previous reputations of these VCs to determine if they're the kind who engage in this cram down BS? Here's one suggestion: www.thefunded.com

Brandon Cotter

Great post Don.

Entrepreneurs/hackers are increasingly having the luxury of choosing which money to take. So it is wise to consider the people first then their checkbook.

Many angels I talk to are worried about A-round cram-downs. So I just sent out your post to a couple dozen of them--reminding them that the kind investors we will be pursuing in the A will be the guys that respect the value of their money.

Venture capitalists

It is a great post don and i agree with what you have said because angel are former entrepreneurs and they take heavy risks in building up a small company as they have wide range of network


I agree with segal as angel investors are critical for the small business as they take huge risks in taking up a business to next level.

Ramsay Hoguet

Nice post Don and great advice for everyone invloved.

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