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July 29, 2007


kid mercury

great post as always, don. IMO the key consideration is that underdog niche video publishers are not the copyright crybabies; it's the established film and music industries that are. and once these niche video stars emerge, advertisers will not have any problem in putting ads around them -- and the independent niche video stars will be happy to take a majority cut of the revenue.

if the copyright crybabies want to whine and sue, fine. the youtube game is not really designed for them anyway.


Kid Mercury - you miss the whole point of why advertisers will flock to YouTube - your argument would be analogous to a prime real-estate company building a lurxury mall stacked with the best a facility can offer with high rent - and then put up a sign that says "we are going to build the biggest fanciest mall for 99 cent stores". - where is YouTube's competitive advantage at that point?

kid mercury

not sure i follow your analogy -- are you saying i'm saying 99 cent stores are the niche video publishers? if so, i dont think they are like 99 cent stores; perhaps more like creators/distributors of high quality niche products.

Brian Evans

Interesting article that Mark Cuban wrote last month about this...

Mark Z.

Small video producers are aiming to become big video producers because this is where (they think currently) the money is. Happens all the time. As long as they are small, they look for distribution. Once they are big, they try to protect their success, which means selling out to the big wigs, which means playing the copyright game...

Yusuf Motiwala

Great post Don. I often visit youtube if I’ve missed any of my favorite TV episodes. Hence, after filtration youtube may not get as many hits from people like me. I can definitely imagine some loss of traffic.

Google has been talking about fingerprinting but I too wonder how it will work. We all know that any pattern matching or hash in compressed space is definitely not going to work (transcoding, reencoding, etc) and pattern matching in uncompressed video may not be practical and IMO, even that is defeatable too. So subverting a digital fingerprinting based detection scheme will definitely happen.

A relevant post is here http://www.signedmedia.com/blog

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