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July 23, 2007



Why should I believe Microsoft and how will this be verified? Also do they allow 3rd parties to get at the data? Will it be anonymized before then?

What if the government asks Microsoft 3 years from now for my search data? Will they give it to them?

Peter Cranstone


Check out Microsoft patent #2007/0157227 - Advertising Services Architecture and also patent # 2007/0156522 - Social Context Monitor and post your thoughts to your blog.

Talk about privacy concerns... essentially these patents are monitoring EVERYTHING inside your PC and also NON-PC users (i.e. whose inside your contact database)... they are using all of this for advertising purposes.

Now I know the on/off switch for this is to change to a Mac or Linux, but that's not what's going to happen. Everything is going to have a context monitor - contextual advertising will offset the cost of the OS and App... essentially this is Microsoft's answer to web based app advertising ala Google.

It's a good answer, however what's at the core is your context... and all someone needs to do is insert some additional software to "hook" both the profile and context manager - when that happens any semblance of privacy is instantly vaporised - why? because these two patents require Internet connectivity to work and once you're hooked to the web the data can be routed just about anywhere.



Lloyd Budd

If only it didn't raise my suspicious that this is as much a move against the competition than any real concern about people's privacy.

Your "single answer" of anonymizing all data sounds like it would also eliminate any richer more personalized experiences.

Wonder what opportunities there are for you and Microsoft to lead where you market share means real sacrifices for taking the "high ground".

(Unnecessary use of the "consumers" term in post, when "people" would work as well.)

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