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July 02, 2007



Don, most people I know who sign up for Yahoo and many other free sites put in fake demo info (i.e., 90 yr old grandma for beverly hills). There is no incentive to do otherwise and a serious downside (re: identity theft). Moreover, most families share their computer usage so if Dad had been searching for fly fishing gear, when his daughter Suzy went to view the latest gossip on Paris Hilton, the ads displayed would have no relevance for her.

Jeff M

Agreed on the demo info, but this is not what they are targeting from my understanding. It looks like it's contextual targeting- i.e. matching ads based on the content of the web page. This could be powerful if they start connecting the dots with video and contextual advertising. There are companies trying to match contextual ads with video, but they're using their own ad networks for the most part. I like the idea of pairing up SmartAds with contextual video advertising.


The Yahoo Smartads solution is a great solution to open up the market for real time mass personalization.

In order to get the massive take up of the benefits of this platform, Yahoo must create a set of tools for the Agency to create these templates for "any client or vertical market"

The Qmecom platform (www.qmecom.com) has been in development for a number of years which creates the tools for the "total ecosystem" - Linking creative, to media assets, to data rules to a scalable rendering facility.

The Yahoo Smartads solution is smart, the Qmecom solution is Smarter!

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