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August 10, 2007



Don -- looking forward to seeing you in Boulder next week.

TechDumpster (living in First Life)

Don you're just building up the hype here. Anywhere.FM is nowhere close to being a success. It looks like you're drinking the Kool Aid faster than they can produce it.

Don Dodge

Hype? Kool Aid? Maybe you missed this line "Like any VC portfolio, the Y Combinator companies will include a couple big winners, a handful of moderate successes, and a large number that will fail to gain traction."

Most ideas don't get funded. Of the ones that do, many of them fail. VCs and Angel investors take enormous risks. They are eternal optimists and work really hard to help entrepreneurs succeed.

I applaud them. Call that hype if you like.

Dharmesh Shah

Looks like I missed out on a great event.

Thanks for the write-up. Unfortunately, I'm out in Oslo, Norway this week so wasn't able to make it.

Look forward to your review of TechStars.


Just posting this from one of Paul Graham's essay which I read only yesterday.

"I know when we started Y Combinator we didn't worry about Microsoft as competition for the startups we funded. In fact, we've never even invited them to the demo days we organize for startups to present to investors. We invite Yahoo and Google and some other Internet companies, but we've never bothered to invite Microsoft. Nor has anyone there ever even sent us an email. They're in a different world."

Interesting to see that Microsoft was invited after all :)


Don - Can't wait to show you what we have done while you have been away from TechStars.


After being with Yahoo! in Sunnyvale and Yahoo! Canada in Toronto it is great to see them spread the 'start-up vibe' to the East Coast.

Maybe we can spread it up north as well... :)

Steve M

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