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August 16, 2007


Arron Kallenberg


Thanks for coming to investor day and for the mention!




Thanks for the feedback today. Watch for big things for EventVue!

- Rob

Jon Mandell

Hi Don,

EventVue is interesting, but we've done this and more over at www.confabb.com. We'd love to see you over there at some point. While you're there, grab a blog badge so you can let your readers know what conferences you're attending, watching or at which you're speaking.

All the best,
Jon Mandell, COO, Confabb.com

Wayt King

We are building a "YCombinator for the Southeast" in Atlanta this Fall. We'll provide seed funding, connections, PR/credibility, advice, and community with others like you. Many of us are geeks and entrepreneurs who have started and built web/software businesses and cashed out. We've been there, done that, and want to help YOU change the world.

Can you point us to a great piece of s/w you've built and an open-source s/w project you've contributed significantly to? Do you have big dreams? If so, please get in touch on Facebook or email me at waytking[at]gmail[dot]com. We want to help you CHANGE THE WORLD.

Wayt King

Josh Larson


Thanks so much for putting madKast up on your site.

If you have any feedback -- positive or negative -- please let us know at feedback AT madkast DOT com.

Also, keep up-to-date with the most recent madKast developments at



Evangelist, madKast.com

Oliver Taco

You are kidding, right? There are still venture incubators? Whodathunk it.

Lesse, 15% for $15K is a pre money of, wait, carry the 5, round up the four, got it, holy crap, $100K.

Plus these ideas are, well, unspectacular.

I have hope for the kids going back to school, though they would do well to read up on Motricity.


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