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September 05, 2007


Andy Freeman

> Microsoft is very serious about delivering great tools for designers and developers on both the PC and Mac, and for Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Microsoft is working closely with Novell to make it available on Linux as well.

Visual Studio is a great toolset.

If it's not available on a platform, that platform is a second-class delivery platform as far as the CLR is concerned.


Do we really need another flash? I suppose competition is a good thing, provided that MSFT continiously upgrades everyone to the same version that acts consistantly across all platforms.


Yes. We really need another Flash.

The fact that you actually used "Flash" to describe a product category is exactly why the competition will be good for the market. If a product is so entrenched that people use it's brand-name to describe the category, then, IMHO, a quality competitor will be a good thing.

Whether Silverlight is a quality competitor remains to be seen. :)

Word free download fan

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