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September 11, 2007


Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith, owner of Blueye.com states, "we have watched this app grow from conception and it's amazing to see just how far it's come in just 3 months. It's great to see one of our own turn into such a success!" Craig Ulliott is one of our many talented people at blueye.com and with our experience of building Whereivebeen.com, Blueye.com is able to offer application/software development for all of our clients and those other companies out there that want to jump on the facebook band wagon!

Adam Herscher

It looks like TripAdvisor decided to build their own competing application, "Cities I've Visited". It now has 117,232 daily active userse (2% more than "Where I've Been").

Another case of first mover vs. fast follower?

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