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October 24, 2007



Governments ALL over the world have regulations. It is not fair to say
US government regulation and monopoly ownership of the wireless spectrum is the single biggest reason why the US lags behind the rest of the world in cell phone technology and usage.
These are better reasons why US lags behind:
1. US is dominated by a handful of national operators which discourage competition
2. US was the leader in the first generation of mobile communication. US started 2G with CDMA which limits consumers' choice of mobile phones/devices
3. US has an excellent land line phone system

Kameran Ahari

Some nice quotes Don. One of the few posts that I've seen that looks at what each party is actually stating with respect to their intentions. I just hope Google secures a chunk of this spectrum and opens up one of the last walled garden.

Kameran Ahari

Command A Com Phone System

Does any body else think it's wrong that the technology goes to the highest bidder, not the best provider?

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