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October 02, 2007


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EBay will take a $1.43bn impairment charge arising from its acquisition of Skype a couple of years ago. Many doubted the deal at the time; I described it as a bad idea. Don Dodge just described the Skype acquisition as one of The 10 Worst Billio... [Read More]



I think you're leaving Skype for dead a bit prematurely. True, eBay is taking the writedown, but is it doing so for tax purposes? Given Skype's growth, is this really a diminished asset ala AOL or just a clever accounting move?


Facebook when Microsoft buys it for $13 billion and then takes a $12 billion impairment charge in 2009.

Don Dodge

Skype isn't dead. Neither is AOL. But, eBay paid $2.6B up front and another $530 million in earnouts for a total of $3.1B. They just took a write down of $1.4B...that is Billion with a B. Meaning, Skype is now on the books for $1.7B. We could see another huge write down in the future. Time will tell.

Facebook is a private company and its valuation is very hard to estimate. Steve Ballmer has said before that Facebook and MySpace could just be a fad.

No doubt it is popular now, but how much valuation should you give to $150M to $200M of revenue? And will those revenues still be there 5 years from now, or is it a fad? Again, time will tell.

Don Jones

I guess the Skype guys have been a little too busy with the venture capital outfit, Atomico...

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