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November 08, 2007


Chris Dodge

Yea, I agree that they will have to be careful about Pornography and other inflammatory content. Back when I was doing VideoShare (in 1999) we had to filter all video submissions through an Admin tool, and we got lots of Porn and other difficult material (some right out illegal). But if they choose to filter, then they loose the immediacy.

However, I can see the economics working out better here than for YouTube. If the content is very short - say 20 or 30 seconds - that's like a 10MB file @ 300kb/sec encoding quality. Maybe - at good quantity discount - that's about a 1/10th of a cent to serve up per viewing.

If they can get $10CPM, that works out to about a penny per view, minus any middleman fees. So that works out operationally speaking.

On the other hand, this type of offering is very, very easy to replicate. There's no reason why there will not be a lot of competitors quickly, if it appears they have some business traction.

Edwin Khodabakchian

Seesmic sounds indeed very interesting: great team, very organic and user centric development process and an interesting vision. Although it might look like twitter today, I think that Loic's vision is to build a platform for "TV show 2.0": take an interesting topic. Create a 20 minute professional level content around it and then let people around the world comment and have conversation on it. Filter the best comment and publish a 30 minute content, weaving in advertisement and sponsors along the way. Loic and his team have I think all the ingredients needed to make this a huge homerun!


Perhaps the revenue model could be a limited number of sponsored videos sent out daily to all users. If the commercials were the AFLAC duck type and similarly entertaining stuff the click through rate might not be bad.

Similarly, for a fee it would be a quick way to test market new commercials before airing them on national TV

Sean West

This is an inteteresting new application.

As videos explode across the internet it is good to find someone else interested in quality.

Losing the immediacy is like losing the privilege of driving through town without stop lights. Had to happen sometime.

Thank you

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