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November 18, 2007


John Z

What a rockin nite! As a first time sponsor, I can tell you it was definitely a good thing.

Good to see you remembered my company, Memo Media, through all that fog. Let me know when you need more input on "the web outside".

Allen Stern

Darnit - I was looking forward to meeting you - next time I must carry a pocket guide with photos for everyone :)

Here's my recap with photos:


"Mike was like a Rock Star. There were entrepreneurs and pretty women crawling all over him."

Ugh. So true and so gross. I think it's safe to say that I am NOT an Arrington fan.

David Evans

Don, good too meet you TC party. Nice name dropping, you have quite the memory. Meeting several bloggers (and Twitterers) that I follow for the first time

Sarah Meyers

It was nice to meet you at the party. It sure was crowded! btw it's popsnap.net, thanks!

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