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December 07, 2007



Hi Don, nice to see you at the Red Herring thing. What about Ooyala, the video startup that won the Amazon Web Services contest last night?

Going into the AWS contest I thought the same thing - video's too crowded - but the judges (from AMZN and VCs) thought otherwise. Do you think there's still opportunity for new companies improving Web video business infrastructure, reporting, management, etc?

Don Dodge

Brier, It was a pleasure to meet you and John Cook at the Red Herring Conference.

BrightCove and Gotuit Media, among others, provide similar experiences. All these companies have cool technology.

The main problem is finding a workable business/revenue model.

I went to the Ooyala site but it appears to still be in beta mode. I did read a review by Mashable where they talk about a "video overlay link" presumably for advertising. This might work, and if it does you can assume EVERY video company will employ it. So, where is the advantage?

I have been a judge at conferences like this, and other selection committees. You try to be positive and polite, and acknowledge great work. These video companies are doing really great work on very difficult problems. I totally get that...and admire it.

But, looking at this from an investment perspective...it is way too risky, way too crowded, and will probably be won by the big players like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL.

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Thank you for the kind mention of MyNuMo. Our model is simply this. Artists upload original videos, videos are reviewed and approved by MyNuMo (typically in 24 hours) to meet the content rules established by the mobile operators. Content is then made available for sale to customers of the mobile operators (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) with revenue being shared between the operator, artist, and MyNuMo.

MyNuMo handles the transcoding, delivery and billing (via the customer's phone bill). Artists can feature their work on the MyNuMo 'Social Marketplace' or use marketing tools to show and sell videos (along with ringtones and wallpapers) on their own websites and blogs.

What sells? Music videos, interesting videos. For example I posted this as a test and for a time it became the best selling video on MyNuMo:

Kitten Video: http://www.mynumo.com/ringtones/preview.php?Cat_Id=5&Cn_Id=486

Always interesting to see what sells well on this "Social Marketplace."

Thank you,

William Volk

John Furrier

Great post on the landscape of video. I think that the only way to make money is to figure out the ad model for the niche web.

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