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December 09, 2007


Travis Stoliker

"Consumer web stuff makes sexy headlines, but enterprise software makes great bottom lines."
You're absolutely right!

It seems similar to the linux vs MSFT "debate" between computer geeks. It always seems to devolve into the linux expert detailing why free GPL software will always fundamentally be better than anything that makes money. Why? because things that make money suck, obviously.

Geeks love to trash anything that isn't bleeding edge. Enterprise will never, ever, be bleeding edge therefore it won't rate in the blogosphere

Adam P

Thanks for links to enterprise SW bloggers. I have been looking for a couple of those recently.


Wow, I enjoyed this post but then was seriously disappointed by the links to blogs about Enterprise apps. One blogger was almost entirely about fearing/hating Google, another was a single post speculating about why Consumer sites get more traffic than Enterprise sites. Neither blogger was concerned with how or why Enterprise software might be different in fundamental character from Consumer software (a topic which I'm in the process of researching, which is why I paid attention to this). Don, I love your blog, and your zest, including your confident presentation of this point, but -- wow, this post was somewhat self-discrediting for you.

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