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January 24, 2008



"Entertainment (Xbox & Zune): $3.1 Billion"

I'm going to take a wild guess that $3.09B of that was XBox revenue.

I was looking at Zune 2.0 at CES and I think this time MS did a good job. It's too bad this wasn't Zune 1.0. Taking on the iPod is going to be tough under the best circumstances, but I think they really hurt their credibility in that space by rushing an inferior product to market. Unfortunately I think Apple leap frogged the Zune 2.0 interface with their latest offerings, but at least now I'd consider buying a Zune where as it was unthinkable a year ago.


I'm extremely happy with the results, as the stock is rising further upwards.
And the growth in eps is amazing!

Edwin Khodabakchian

You have to give credit when credit is due: both the numbers and the guidance are extremely impressive.

With that much cash, why didn't Microsoft pick up BEA, MySQL and Spring? It seemed like a good opportunity to add some Java+Open Source genes to the Microsoft .Net DNA (while pissing off both Oracle and Sun!)



it just does not make sense
"Online Services (MSN/Live): $863M, up 38%."

with the MSFT/YHOO deal why a $44.6 infusion - cant they build it themselves ?


the Microsoft machine isn't going to stop anytime soon

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