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January 26, 2008


John Wall

For better or worse I'm siding with the optimists this year. I think the economy can handle the spillover from junk mortgages and the securities built on them. Tech has a hype bubble yes, but not a corresponding run on the NASDAQ.

Then again, Economic predictions are about as good as the weather forecast three months out...

Michelle Dunn

There are many jobs that are recession proof, I have worked in the credit and debt collection industry for 20 years and that is a recession proof job. Some other jobs that may be recession proof are, like you mentioned, Technology, vices, such as tobacco and alcohol, security or alarm services, medical services, and some food and energy sectors.

Jordan Mitchell

The thing about CPC advertising is that the supply already isn't meeting the demand -- so rates are getting out of hand. New marketers may have a tough time justifying their ROI when their average rate per click climbs well above $1 (especially if they don't have the expertise in-house to do landing page optimization, etc.).

In the next 12-18 months I think we'll start to see a rebirth in display advertising. 83% of display ads in 2007 sold for less than $1, which means that marketers only need to see 1 click out of 1000 impressions (.10% CTR) to give equal consideration to $1 CPM (graphic) inventory. The ad networks will respond in 2008 with keyword targeting and self-service, putting banners, skyscrapers and other graphic ad on par with text ads. More musings at http://kickstand.typepad.com/metamuse/2008/01/cpm-rates-will.html.

Billy 001

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