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January 11, 2008


Farhan Lalji

Great post. Think that if overall marketing budgets get hit, you could see a small increase in CPM ads and a bigger increase in CPC ads as ad dollars shift away from other (even more) untargetted channels - TV, magazines, billboards). Thing the big players get it and thats why BT, as well as tracking click-throughs and having marketplaces where bids respond to clicks, are such a big thing at companies like Yahoo.

Carlos Lagemann

I loved this post! It's great!!!


Honestly, I had not used Live/MSN search much until about two months back when I started using and I was immensely surprised to find that the search results are fairly as relevant as Google, if not better. I also felt that Live search is perhaps a tad bit faster than Google?

Another thing I don't understand is, I saw *very* very relevant ads on almost every query I executed on Live. Is this a rather new development at Live? Something that happened in the past 2-4 months? Or has this been the case all along..and just that I was ignorant and noticed it just now?

If it is a new development over the past 2-4 months, then I see this as hugely positive for CPC business of Live.

Would love to hear your comment on it.

Thanks for the insightful blog!

Sandeep Sharma

Timely article! Recession would impact "overall" advertising budget is very logical but some company (with deep pockets) see this as opportunity for better impact and tend to spend more. More search players may emerge as people try for better returns on dollar spent. I think people may also click more to get better deals and this may increase CPC for certain consumer products.

Mark Dekker

Thanks for the post.
I think because of a possible recession, targeted ads like cpc should increase as opposed to the scatergun effect of traditional tv, newspapers etc....
Pay Per View and Audio ads could fill this gap me thinks.

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