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March 09, 2008



Hi Don,
again a great post, thanks for that. From the common success factors which one do you think is the hardest one. And do you have an advice on nr 4?
have a great day!


Never give up! Be thick skinned and let the positive drive you!
All else don't take to heart, yet listen to it to make a better product!

That's our motto!

tom summit

My favorite post regarding start up success is by Mark Andreesen http://blog.pmarca.com/2007/06/the-pmarca-gu-2.html

Product/Market fit and rising tides float all boats.


Very good write-up and tips. you can track many of these new public companies on easystockalerts.com. kind of cool!


Sound tips for a newbie. Toom many scammers parading get rich-quick packages won't like this post anyway. But it is sound advise for anyone that wants to build a solid foundation. I love the part "There is no secret formula for success....." Any serious Entreprenuer just need to work hard.

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